F A Q s

Do you purchase properties with defaulted taxes ?

Yes, we would have to ensure there will be funds set aside in the purchase price to pay taxes in full.

Do you except hard money/ private money financing ?

Yes, we will have to verify that you qualify for the financing of your choosing.

How long is the closing process for purchasing properties ?

Typically once we decide we want the property, we have all appropriate documents signed and sent to our preffered Title Company for processing. Within 30 days or less the deal will be finalized.

What is your availablity of properties for purchase ?

Our list of available properties for purchase grows and decreases daily, whenever we have a new property for sell we send out a mass email to buyers on our email list with interst that fit the description of the property for sell.

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Here at NuBeginnings Co. we offer realty investment solutions for sellers and buyers of several different categories.
The main solution we offer for sellers is we give you the option to sell your property in as-is condition without having to go through realtors and listing the property, we pay in cash and closing is 30 days or less. Buyer solutions would include providing a list of available properties regularly that fit your interest criteria. We have great properties for landlords, wholesalers, and fix-n-flip investors, even people looking to purchase a permanent residence. Please complete the form that  applies to you on the E-Mail list.