Real Estate Investing for you, specializing in wholesaling properties. We have several properties available for purchase and our list is growing daily. Let us full-fill your real estate investing needs. Join our e-mail list to get the latest updates. 

Not an investor? Well we can purchase your property that your tired of maintaining is as-is condition is as little as 30 days or less. 



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Here at NuBeginnings Co. our mission is to help release some unnecessary stress from owners that may have experienced a loss in the family, divorce, tax debt, etc. by purchasing there property no matter the condition with out the hassle of realtors or paying commissions and fees, with about 30 days or less to close. We also strive to provide other investors with properties they can either fix and re-sell or rent out.  

NB Real Estate Investing

FIND YOUR New Beginning.

Motivated Seller's

Rather your newly divorced, late on taxes, recently lost a loved one, even just tired of maintaining a property you own, or know someone that is we can help settle those issues.

Cash Buyer

Are you a fellow investor looking for a quick purchase using cash? We have properties of all conditions waiting for your attention. Join our e-mail list to receive notifications when properties are available of your interest.

Private Lending

Are you looking to purchase one or more of our properties using Private Money Lenders? Let us know your interest, budget, and financing status for review and we will be in contact.

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Here at NuBeginnings Co. we offer realty investment solutions for sellers and buyers of several different categories.
The main solution we offer for sellers is we give you the option to sell your property in as-is condition without having to go through realtors and listing the property, we pay in cash and closing is 30 days or less. Buyer solutions would include providing a list of available properties regularly that fit your interest criteria. We have great properties for landlords, wholesalers, and fix-n-flip investors, even people looking to purchase a permanent residence. Please complete the form that  applies to you on the E-Mail list.